Saturday, April 25, 2009

And Stockholm in all that ?

I realize it's been quite a while since i've given you little news from the city of my dreams :)
so let's do some catching up !

Well, first in March is snowed again,

and of course french people complained..

Then it almost said "Alice's house" on the façade of Kulturhuset :) i haven't find out why..

At some point, they decorated NK galeries as a circus

while in StockholmStadsMission they were saling many cameras !

Then the sun came back

and the sky looked like this

so i went to take pictures with Mr Diamond (he's the one on the left, on the right, it's a statue)

this is the inside of my wooly hat

that poster is all over the city

I went to a weird experimental music concert

but then i was sick

so i stayed home

and occupied myself

then it was time to eat on the balcony for the first time :)

then i had fun in the forest with my friend Suzanne

this little guy is in the window of a store in Götgatan

and this was like this today when i walked in Drottninggatan,

before i went to the park, to relax in the sun :)

et voilà !


Camilla said...

I love this post. It's so great to see more about what you've been up to, and it really seems nice :)
It's so cool what they did with all the clothes in Drottninggaten!!

Lisa said...

loooooooooove it!

Pauline said...

Merci pour la balade !! J'adore Stockholm, moi aussi !

alice said...

Lovely post and pictures : )

notebookdoodles said...

i really love this post. i wish you'd post more like this.. it's just so interesting in a way that it's sort of abstract but still understandable in a way. does that make sense..? i hope so!


Anonymous said...

look at your little baby basil plants! so cute. that lunch looks delicious

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

this is fabulous! i love it! xx

Placide said...

Il y avait vraiment des vetements dans la rue ?
c'est magnifique <3

Maîté said...

oh peuchère !
ils sont bien misérables ces plants de basilic !!!
c'est pas avec çà qu'on va pouvoir cuisiner correctement ....
c'est cet hiver qui est trop long !
autant pour les plantes que pour les gens !
(à lire avé l'assent)

epe said...

Beautiful pictures! especially the photo of the clothes hanging out!

Katrine Ny said...

I totally love this post and I agree with notebookdoodles - you should make more of them. They are like small stories that you want to go on and on. Your whole universe is very magical and poetic. I like! :) Enjoy spring in Stockholm.

the_young_dude said...

les français qui râlent, ça oui, ça m'arrive de les croiser, et ça me passe un peu l'envie de rentrer en France..

famapa said...

awww... this is making me homesick! what a lovely post :)

Polly said...

your posts warm my heart. (:

melange muse said...

yes i want to go there I think. lovely post.

Rynke said...

Ooooh beautiful!!

Haha, I love the 'he's the one on the left, on the right, it's a statue' :) :)

Where is that place where they sold all these cameras? I want to go there next time I'm in Stockholm!

I dj'ed once at the Kulturhuset...I thought it was a nice place and they had a lot of nice cakes then! :)