Friday, April 24, 2009

Not in the Mood..

Tonight i am a bit upset with everything..
I was said to be too imature this week, and i am fed up with that.. cause i hear that since i am 10.
This is my brother's birthday today, and i won't be able to celebrate it with him.. cause i live 2 226 km away from him.
I know my life is not hard, and i shouldn't complain, but just tonight, i am not in the mood..


Caroline said...

It is hard living away from people that you care about. I'm sure that you brother knows how much you care and would like to celebrate his birthday with him. It was my niece's first birthday yesterday, and even though we had a call through skype (facilitated by my brother!), I just wish I could have been there too. I hope you feel better soon : )

Olga said...

Alice, I don't know you, but I love you, if only because this picture from home alone is so, so right. Hope a better mood finds its way to you soon!

notebookdoodles said...

sorry to hear about you not being able to spend time with your brother on his birthday.

most people are not in the mood on many days. but i hope you feel better soon!


mybrouhaha said...

je comprends, j'imagine que c'est difficile de vivre loin de sa famille... mais vois les choses positivement : malgré ça, tu gardes ton humour et illustre ton post avec une photo de Maman j'ai raté l'avion! qui d'autre ferait ça en étant triste hein?!
allez courage, demain est un autre jour!

Placide said...

ben harry, pouquoi t'es déguisé en poulet ?
mon bébon on doit etre so en connection moodale c'est fou ça !
poutou d'amour je pense a toi <3

Mischat said...

Ne change rien, ma Bouezette !
ce n'est pas donné à tout le monde de garder son âme d'enfant....
(c'est le propre des fous et des artistes ...)
pour l'anniversaire de ton frère, on se ratrapera cet été !

Lisa said...

I'm sorry you can't be with your brother, it must be hard sometimes to be so far from your family.

You're such a positive person and you always seem to see the brighter side of life, I know this will pass. :)

(p.s. at least you didn't get an iron in the face!)