Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When do we move in together, Camille ? Part 2

Mon cute bébon !!
If i had the chance to move in with my cousin Camille it would look like this :

It would look like this in the entrance

Breakfast would look like this on Sundays

Maybe it could be two little flats like this one, in one big house :)

We would have cute art on the walls

We would have lunch in the cutest places

We would build blanket forts in the whole house

This would be the guest room

This could be our fancy dinner dishes

And we would bake the cutest things

{ if you missed the part 1 }


Betsey said...

ooh this is AMAZING.
i wish i could live in a place as magical and beautiful as this. it seems places like this only exits in magazines and movies!

Placide said...

Oh mon bébon j'aurais pas fait mieux !
c'est exactement ça <3

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

this made me smile.
so did part 1.

makes me want to live with my sister.

Camilla said...

Sooo cute!! Can I come and stay in that guest room? <3

notebookdoodles said...

oh alice.. this is so cute. i love every single part of it!!

i can't wait to have my own place and decorate it all to my liking =)


Anonymous said...

oh this is just fabolus!!I would really love to have a dinner set with those polkadot plates!

Maria said...

cute again!!

Léo-pony-boy said...

Vous m'inviterez? ;)

mady dooijes said...

can i come and stay? it just looks so gorgeous + delightful. i love your blog! M

Michelle said...

everything looks perfect!

maya said...

so pretty :]
so is your blog :]