Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Camille is my little cousin,
She's the sister i never had,
i try to make my mom adopt her every summer :)
She's so cute it's unbelievable..

We're so alike it's sometimes scary, 
last time we met, we spent the week together, we shared clothes, i finished her sentences, she answerd my questions before i aked them, we visited the city (Cph) walking in the same rhythm, noticing the same things, making the same comments, using the same expressions..

Me & Her



Me                                           Her



"Our parents couldn't handle us as sisters so God made us cousins" 
Thank you Betsey ! :)


Camilla said...

Aaaaaw, this is so sweet :)

Pimp'Pommette said...

I love the way you explain LIFE... So cuuute, so sweet, I adore!!!

Esti said...

same haircut?
your are both so cute... :)

Anonymous said...

C fou comme vous vous ressemblais trop mimi!!!


cleolikesyou said...

i love the first picture:)

Jess. said...

Amazing! I have a knack for finding my friends twins in the city, and it looks as though your cousin could have been yours! Even though that doesn't make sense.

Hope you are well, dear.

Maria said...

Oh MY, so cute!!! lovely of you to share this little story of you and her:)
also great b&w pics..

Placide said...

I kiff you too
a fond <3

Betsey said...

ooh SO sweet!
you two really look like twins!
you know that saying..."our parents couldn't handle us as sisters so God made us cousins"...well this seems to fit you two perfectly!

Betsey said...

aww your welcome!

Mila said...

Wow, you really look alike!
Amazing to have such a special person to close to you, in your life...

Anonymous said...

La dernière photo est superbe : on dirait toi et on dirait elle...

Christine ;-)

Anonymous said...

On dirait vraiment 2 frangines!!!
Et les photos sont superbes. très sensible aux yeux sur les mains de Camille....!!!
continue à être bien dans ta peau et oublie ton stranger papa; Tu as un JY à la maison qui vaut de l'or et rattrape bien le manque antérieur...