Saturday, October 25, 2008

When do we move in together, Camille ?


If i had the chance to move in with my cousin Camille, it would look like this:

In the hallway

We would make art and craft all the time, and decorate the whole house

It would look like this in the kitchen

This would be my room

This would be the toilets

This would be the wallpaper, in the living room

We would have tea all day long

We would have the cutest little dog, named Sparky :)

We would grow sunflowers, so we can feel like we're in Harold and Maude's novel, everytime we would go out :)

And of course, we woud have our little second hand store in the city, 
that we would close one mondays, so we can go for picnics :)


Camilla said...

It would be such a cute house! I would come and visit you all the time! :)

Famapa said...

hey, I know that wallpaper!! ;)

you ladies should definitely move in together, sounds and looks perfect.

p* said...

oh c'est tellement joli. ca fait naître des envies de fleuri et d'acidulé... :)

Mila said...

Ooh i LOVE this post!!

It all looks and sounds absolutely wonderful.
I would be sure to visit you and Camille! ;)

Lovely images and dreams...maybe they will come true for you one time. I hope so.


notebook doodles said...

i bet if you do move in together, it would better than these photos can ever show.

love, sb

Laleh n Lauren said...

I so love Harald & Maude and sunflowers too. Love the pictures. Great craft display as well. & I'm doing good to cut socks, sew the bottoms and put them over wine bottles for a gift..hahahaaa...

asphaltandair said...

this post made me smile for hours.
so sweet to dream of living with someone and think of how you'd fill your space with wonderful things.
is that last photo from Portland, Oregon? it seems so familiar....

Misha said...

Sparky est trop chou mais il n'a pas tant que çà les yeux globuleux...

Toktokada said...

Hey, hey, I recognise these glasses photo !! That would surely look beautiful this little house of yours.

Alter Ego? said...

What a beautiful bathroom is that?? Finally I would have something to look at when I brush my teeth ! .. oh! by the way, this are the kind of posts i really like :D

mybrouhaha said...

comme toi, je rêve d'un mur de cadres! et je compte faire un mobile de cocottes en papier sous peu!
mais les cadres ronds de broderies avec le tissu, c'est magnifique! j'adopte tout de suite!