Monday, October 27, 2008

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes !

Hello my sweet readers ! Autumn bring a little change :

Which Way Did He Go ?



don't forget to change it in your blogs list !

This little change is a good occasion for me to ask :

* Who reads this blog ? 

* what is your favorite kind of post ? 

*what is it that you like the most ?

*what is it that you don't like or bothers you ?

*what's missing ?

* would you like to see more or less  : 
-text ?
-photo diary ? 
-thougts about life in general ?
-drawings ? 
-movies ? 
-something else ? 

tell me !!

* et spécialement pour les petits espions français, dont je reçois de sweet échos par amie interposée, 
n'hésitez (vraiment) pas a commenter !! ça fait trop plaisir ! J'insiste !
et y a t il des gens qui sont gênés, rebutés, découragés par le contenu en anglais ?


Pimp'Pommette said...

Coucou ALice!!! ;)
For me: I lOvE your wonderful world full of pics, souvenirs, great little moments, little and big happiness... your life is exactly like a magic book with drawings, stories, fairytales and life!
Thank you for sharing!
Je dévore les images de ta vie avec bonheur! Merci Alice!

cloa said...

Merci pour tes gentils commentaires, ça me fait très plaisir je suis un peu 'fan' de ton travail et te suit depuis plus d'un an maintenant...

"La rue des Archives" est en fait une vraie rue, a Paris, dans le 3e arrondissement. Une très jolie rue d'ailleurs.

Pour répondre a ton petit questionnaire, j'aime beaucoup tes dessins mais c'est vrai qu'ils sont un peu rares et c'est dommage. Et tes photos sont magnifiques.

Bonne nuit, j'espère qu'il fait beau en Suède :)

Misha said...

c'est parfait ce blog qui permet de partager tes états d'âme et l'atmosphère de la ville autour de toi;
il faut continuer à dessiner et à faire de jolies photos insolites.
j'apprécie beaucoup les musiques qui accompagnent et pontuent les séquences!
très attachant ce petit blog...

Mila said...

Ok dear, i'll change right away! Great name and image!

The quesions i'll be answering tomorrow, i really have to go to bed now, i am up waaaay too late.



notebook doodles said...

alice, nice change!!
i love the photo and illustration combined.
but i have been wondering.. what does "fifikoussout" mean?

anyways, i read this blog and i think it's very interesting. more drawings and photos would be lovely =)

love, sb

Maria said...

Great new header!

ok, I'll try to answer the questions:

I'm me, maria and who tries to come by here as often as I can!

I think all your posts are great, always a little different extra and beautiful.

All the pictures you post are great

Hmm, I don't think there's anything that bothers me

Nothing's missing! keep going on as always:)

I love your photo diarys!

Mila said...

Goor morning Alice! :)
As i promised, i will answer your questions...(first thing i do this morning! haha)

Who reads this blog ?

Me of course and i love it!

* what is your favorite kind of post ?

To be honest, i've never seen a bad post from you. I really adored the posts about your friend and cousin. Both the test and images.
I also really love it when you post polaroids!

*what is it that you like the most ?

The beautiful polaroids and the overall variety and the way you write and share a piece of your life with us...

*what is it that you don't like or bothers you ?

I am truly honest when i say i really can't come u with anything...

*what's missing ?

A little bit of fashion maybe?
What do you like in fashion or are you not really bothered in fashion?

* would you like to see more or less :

-photo diary !!
-thougts about life in general ?
-drawings !!
-something else ?

Some style things, as in interior and fashion, maybe interior would be even nicer.
I am curious about your style!

I hope this helped a little bit.

Have a great week and lots of love,


this wheel's on fire said...

your blog is so interesting!!

Katrine Ny said...

I just started reading your blog recently. I found it because you left a comment on my blog. As my blog tells you, I'm a 26-year-old woman from Denmark.
I really like your photos (especially your polaroids are great) and also your thoughts and dreams about life. For example I liked the recent post about your cousin Camille.
I can't really think of anything you should do better - and since it's your blog I guess it's up to you. Generally I just like to have a sneak into your life. :)
One thing I'm curious about is the reason why you have been living in Denmark as a French - and now in Sweden! How come if I may ask?
And also, what does Fifikoussout mean?
Anyway, thanks for sharing your life with us and thanks for reading and commenting my blog. It's nice to know that you got readers. :)
Take care.

Toktokada said...

J'aime ce blog comme il est : des dessins, des photos, un peu de vie perso, des découvertes sur la suède...Et l'anglais ne me rebute pas du tout.

cloa said...

Ca me fait super plaisir, donc merci. Visite et commente autant que tu veux!

Esti said...

I like your blog because it shows your world. Ohotography, drawings, text, anything is fine with me as long as you keep your personal touch.

Ca said...

Oh my... you have such a wonderful blog! Well, blogs that is, haha. Had to look through them all!

Personally I adore the photographs and the few words you write. So dreamy... I love the mood of it.

Thank you for the nice comment and keep up the good work, Alice (from Wonderland? Haha...)

cleolikesyou said...

I read your blog!
What I love is sometimes the sillyness of your posts, like the posts about your absent dad and all the haloweenpictures. I also love all the wonderful photos! drawings are always nice to look at too. I'm very pleased with your blog actually, there's not much to change;)
ton blog est fantastique!

Windy Days said...

hey alice dear! of course i read! and i appreciate your blog because it feels personal and fun. it's a refreshing change from fashion/photography blogs that simply paste up pictures from magazines and i think it's wonderful that you are doing something different. i like to hear about your life and i always enjoy your pictures! hope you keep it up! :)

Jess. said...

Love the new changes, dear! Just wanted to let you know that I've tagged your blog.

Hope all is well!

Camilla said...

Hey sweetie!
It looks good :) But the French stuff makes no sense to me... haha!
I would love to see more pictures from your everyday life in Sthlm. And stories too :)
You have a lovely blog, and I read it every day.


Alice said...


* Pimp'pommette
Woaw thank you so much, really. I will keep it as a magic book, or treasure box then :D

* Cloa
Thank you so much, woaw you follow my blog for a year already ?? i am so flattered :D
well if you wish to see more drawings, i will have to draw more ! All the drawings you can see now are the only ones i did recently..

* Misha
Awwww thank you mom !! thank you for reading my blog, thank you for commenting, thank you for beeing so kind and always there, and so funny and friendly and i admire and love you so much !! (ok public declaration!)

ok i will keep adding little songs to the posts :) i am glad you like that, and you can see i chose good ones you may like aswell :)

* Notebook doodles
Thank you :) Fifikoussout is the nickname i gave to my cat Saphir.

* Maria
Thank you so much. and thank you for beeing so faithful :)
ok i take good note, and will try to make diary part a bit better, maybe will it get a bit more personnal, i don't know..

* Mila
oh thank you so much, for your answer, and your fidelity to this blog :)
about fashion, hmm, it might be hard for me, as i am not into fashion. i like to find myself, and get more about people's personality through clothes, but i dress like a 12 years old boy. About style and interiors i can show you stuff i have at home :)

* This wheel's on fire
oh thank you !

* Katrine
Tak ! Well i moved to Dk to study Multimedia Design in Cph, and then met swedish people and traveled a bit everywhere in Sweden, and fell in love with it, and decided to move here :D and sice then, i am happy. so i guess it was a good choice :D

* Toktokada
haha ok, thank you, nothing to change then :D

* Esti
thanks, i will keep it personal :)

* Ca
Thank you, i'll keep this mood :)

* Cleolikesyou
haha merci ! the silliness won't go then :D

* Windy days
thank you very much sweetie, i am glad you said that, as i don't read fashion magazines, so don't worry, it won't happen :) thanks for liking my difference :)

* Camilla
Tak sötnos, ok i will document more my little adventures in Stockholm :)