Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Lovely Sunday <3

:) :) :)
Sunday was another lovely day, that i spent, as usual, with my cousin Caroline
She makes every weekend look like a cocoon of tenderness :)

We went shopping, i love this design 

We had tea in NK

We walked in the whole city for hours, talking about love and life, 
and had another tea and kanelbulle in the center around 21:00 
(or should i say tjugo ett noll noll ;)

And it was time to go home, and feel in the right place, in the world :)

PS: i crossed the lovely Sandra from Niotillfem in the street, 
and just said "Oh !" and stared at her stupidly ! 
Good thing she told me she did recognise me, haha i am so lame :D


Camilla said...

Oh so lovely. Kanelbulle - yummi!
Haha, so funny that you just went "Oh!" :) Did you talk to Sandra? You both have lovely blogs...

Mila said...

Sounds and looks like such a lovely sunday! <3

I am so happy for you, you feel happy...really!


Anonymous said...

Christine a raison...tu fait ça très bien.
Mylène (myspace)

cindy : quaint said...

i love your photography! thank you for visiting our pink cabinet!

notebook doodles said...

you're not lame.
i probably would have done the same thing if i was in that situation =)
pretty funny though.

Lisa said...

Oh wow Alice, I love these photos. What camera did you use?

I haven't been on this blog for a while, I've been missing out!!!