Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This is pretty much how i looked when my computer crashed this summer.
I was watching American Psycho, which i had never seen, and suddenly it crashed.
Unlike Carrie, I didn't have any purple pashmina to wrap it in, but luckily, 
I could bring it to my super computer skilled uncle, who was able to bring it back to life. EMPTY.
(Sadly, like Carrie, i'm not crazy about back up) :(

This is why I need your help !
I lost all my music, all my internet favorites etc...
I need you to send me links to beautiful blogs and sites ! Music tracks that made your summer ! 
Or anything you think one should have in their computer !!

Send it to contact@fifikoussout.com !!

I count on you !! 
I'll make a special blog post with a Summer Playlist, with the best of what you'll send me so everybody can enjoy it!



Camilla said...

Noooo!!! I'm so sorry to hear that! What about all your photos?!

Polly said...

oh no! I am sorry to hear that you've lost all the stuff on your computer! :-(

I have decided to send you something nice to listen to... just check your e-mail! ;-)

p.s. next time: back up, please! ;-)