Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Home for Alice, and Summer Break info

Hi lovely readers,  it's summer break! it's time for me to fly away! 
My usual mini "Tour d'Europe" (Sweden, Denmark, France) is about to start !
Last year i left you hanging 8 weeks with a video of Zac Efron (aka the fish croquette) "dancing" about his feelings and i need to appologize for that..
This year i leave you (hopefuly not that long) with probably the most beautiful and poetic Home for Alice ever received. I let you judge:

SHOP INFO: I'll be back in the Fifikoussout office on the 1st of August, 
so everything ordered today untill the 1st of August will be shipped on the 2nd of August.

I wish you a lovely summer !
Do you have any summer plans ??

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