Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm back from 6 weeks of holidays (i'm sorry I let you with Zac Efron for that long)
I was in the south of Sweden by the baltic sea, then in France by the Atlantic ocean, and finaly in Sicily, by the mediterranean sea.
Sicily was so beautiful !! flowers, palm trees, and giant plants everywhere !! Taornina little streets were the pretiest i've seen for a long time.
I offended 2 or 3 persons, by trying to communicate using spanish, (i can't speak italian at all) but other than that it was heaven !
Swim in the bay everyday, and paradise local food every night on a rooftop terrasse.
I am puting together a small video about my trip, but for now here are some pictures..

et heureux qui comme Ulysse a fait un beau voyage, n'aime pas se faire rayer sa correspondance de l'ordinateur
par une grognasse de Air Berlin peu scrupuleuse et rester sur le carreau 24h en Allemagne ! (il y avait Peaches dans le même cas que nous :)

What did you do or where did you go this summer ??


Polly said...

pictures are so lovely as always, alice!
I am glad to read you had such a nice holiday time. how did you like sicily? I think it's a very charming place!
I am waiting to see your video now...

I have taken a road trip to finnish and norwegian lapland: it was amazing :)

Polly said...

P.S. haha Spanish??? no way, Alice :P