Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So bad it becomes good

Oh my god, i had to share that video,

He looks like a fish croquette, the scenery makes no sense,
the guy can't dance, all his moves are like amateur messing around, only he's serious, oh how very serious ! bet on it !
at 1.36 comes a big sand moment.

It's so bad, in so many ways, it becomes extremely good.

Anyone with "good" vidoes like this one to share ?


Care said...

Oh dear, I think this tune-and I daresay these dance moves-will be stuck in my head all day!

T said...

i am curious to know if that was part of a tv show (there is a disney channel logo in the corner) or if that is his actual song..? oh boy. that was bad, :)

Alice said...

Care : yeah i bet on it !

T: apparently it was a scene from High School musical 2, that must be just as bad as this clip !

best Youtube comment : "I wonder if Zac ever looks back on this scene and think "WTF WAS I DOING?"

Camilla said...

Hahahahaha!! This is so bad. It looks like a joke! And the song - oh my... I'm still laughing at the sand moment, hahaha. Hilarious!

Sarah said...

The sand was the best part!

I never understood why these movies were so popular in the US, and after seeing this I still don't get it!