Friday, July 17, 2009

Little Trip, Part Two : Copenhagen

I stayed at my friend Camilla's place for 3 days :)

We went sailing

We went to a flea market, I bought a plastic octopus :)

and many cute things

We went out and had Cosmopolitans

Our friend Monika even came from Poland and we spent the day all together (shopping of course!)

Quotes :
"Yes Yes!"
"Follow me ! Ok !"
"Enoooooooough !"

Stupid Videos :
* Lemur
* "oh my god Cody you're so anoying !"

"The Sky was always tangerine" (when we were seventeen)

We played Abe for hours and had a blast !

But it was already time to go..

It was so much fun :)
Little Trip Part Three : Paris, coming soon..


kerri ní dochartaigh said...

you three girls are gorgeous!!! x

Hayley said...

looks like you had lots of fun (: i really really love the second photo. soo cool. can't wait to see pics of paris!!!

Camilla said...

Aaaaw, such nice pictures from our lovely times! Yay!! I'm back home now, so I can finally blog again :)

Madeline Museum said...

i love abe's odyssey! i didn't think anyone knew about that game...i played it on our original play station in primary school! brings back so many fun memories! glad you girls also had fun enjoying little abe! MM