Friday, July 17, 2009

Little Trip, Part Three : Paris

I spent one night in Paris..
at my sweet sweet cousin Camille's place

We spent the 14th of July (national day) on the roof :)

Nothing on TV

Which purse to chose today ?

We had lunch on the balcony

And it was already time to go.. home !


Hayley said...

oh, how much i would love to spend atleast a day there! looks like you had lots of fun (:

mybrouhaha said...

il faut choisir le sac tout à droite marron avec les petits fermoirs dorés! l'ambiance des photos est tellement chouette, on dirait que ce n'est pas à Paris en fait!

Lisa said...

Love these photos Alice :)

famapa said...

your holiday looks so lovely, one of the advantages of having friends scattered over the globe is that you can visit them and have a brilliant time. your pictures really capture that. I'm the same, so many of my friends live abroad, which of course at times is so frustrating. I wish someone would crack teleportation soon!

Camilla said...

Cute cute cute! We so have to meet in Paris like we talked about!!

Fanny said...

great collection of purses!

Windy Days said...

Lovely! The last picture makes me hungry. xx

trupeach said...

looks like a grand time, especially the rooftop!

Camille said...

Ce gros plan est co même tres ... double mentonal !
C'est marrant on dirait qu'il fait jour sur certaines photos !
j'espere que tu t'amuse bien à st naz my bébon !
moult becots