Friday, November 14, 2008

Week Days...

What i liked this week :

Shopping after work

Sushiiiiiiis ! de-li-cious, as usual

Night tea at Reisen, it's a tradition now :)

Raspberry cheesecake  at work :P

Once again it was a good week !


sophie; said...

oh (:
thank you very much ^^

it's pretty easy
just go here -->

you're welcome! you have a really nice blog (:

notebookdoodles said...

it definitely looks like a good week =)
i am happy for you!
your post just reminded me that i have not had sushi for the longest time!

i hope a great weekend will follow your great week =)


sierralemon said...

Miam et re-miam.
Tu m'as l'air d'avoir de très jolies bottes...

Sarah-Lou said...

Oh la 3ème photo est PARFAITE!!!

Camilla said...

Looks like a very nice week. Is that a new pair of boots you're wearing? :)
I had a nice week too - I'll send you an email now, sweet Swede.


Little Rascal said...

I wish my weeks was a colorful and yummy as yours. :)

shilvia said...

wonderful week you had for yourself!!! great food, good shopping, gorgeous places...boy, do i envy you :)

Anonymous said...

What I liked this week = I received your letter. Thanks.

Camilla said...

Haha, I'll do some blogging tonight - sorry ;)

Mila said...

Looks amazing and delicious! <3

I want that sushi NOW!
I have to eat it this week, it's been way too long.

Love for you dear,


Placide said...

attend j'avais pas vu !
C'est quoi cette fullish moquette ? (si c'est bien une moquette ?)