Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was sick the WHOLE weekend !! Fever, headache and dizziness... 
and after 28 hours in bed, i could finally get up ! 
Thanks Lord i had my computer, and some good books :D

(Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman and Ripening Seed)

I read Le Joueur d'Echecs ( Chess Story ) by Stefan Zweig in highschool,
(like many french people of my age, as it was part of the programme)
and found it brilliant. I started this one, and it's quiet captivating for now.
I read Le Blé En Herbe many years ago (10 at least) and didn't even get 
the affair between Phillipe and the older lady, haha typical me, 
so i thougt i could read it again :)

And these 2, which are pure wonder for me :D


Léo said...

Moi aussi je lis Colette en ce moment! ("en pays connu")Ca déboite!!

Camilla said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Being sick sucks - but yes, books and a computer helps a lot ;)

Famapa said...

oh no, how awful to be ill but how nice to get some reading done! hope you're on the mend! the flora books are lovely...

notebookdoodles said...

aaw. i'm glad you are feeling better.
so sorry you had a sick weekend =( well, at least you entertained yourself!

ps. those flower books are amazing!


shilvia said...

that's awful :( wonderful that you're all better now...