Monday, November 3, 2008

Tag : 7 random things about me

1. I am French
But i don't smoke, i don't drink wine, i don't like cheese,
i do wear black & white stripy shirts though :)

2. I am so, so, so scared of sharks
i get panick attacks in swimming pools !

3. I'm a bad friend
I forget birthdays, I take ages to answers letters, and I NEVER hear my phone !

4. I don't allow myself to watch horror movies
otherwise i get scared so easily it haunts me for months !

5. I got asthma
and it makes me choke at night

6. I've always been the one standing on the edge
now i try to be the one jumping

7. I am passionate
It always takes me ages to get over a relationship

i was tagged by sweet Maria, i tag : Camilla, Camille, Leo, and Notebookdoodles


danica said...

Hehe. I love how you have destabalised French stereotypes! Lovely to read more about you :)

P.S The new look blog is great!

notebookdoodles said...

you found the perfect pictures for these random facts.
i especially like the one about standing on the edge.
i shall try doing mine today! thanks for the tag =)


Esti said...

i see we have many things in common: no smoke, no wine, no horror movies... ;)

Famapa said...

what lovely facts, you're so poetic (I guess that's French :) )! beautiful pix and words, I really enjoy dipping into your world, it makes me so happy to come over here week after week!

Pimp'Pommette said...

it's amazing how we're similar... but I smoke sometimes, I drink and I lOvE wine and I love cheese!!!
I'm a perfect french girl! Hihihi :)
You're scary about horror movies too but you love Halloween, you're mad! :)
Perfect pics Alice, I'm an absolute fan!

Misha said...

trop cool le petit portrait en feutrine !
la dernière image un peu glauque quand même...
pas de petit toutote aux yeux globuleux, çà m'étonne! en même temps il ne faut pas en mettre partout çà les déprécierait

Placide said...

Je sais je commente pas boucoup, mais je lis tout :)
tu as toujours pleins d'images trop magnifiques !
Poutoux junior !

notebookdoodles said...

hey alice.
i just posted my tag.
thought i should let you know =)


Mila said...

Oooh so nice!
Great to read these sweet things about you!

Hope you're fine, dear!



Mary Lee said...

Wow. I'm, like you, terrified of sharks. I noticed that you've lived in both Denmark and Sweden so maybe you've been riding across Öresundsbron (the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen). Well, every time I ride across the bridge and look out the window and see all of the water, I get a major panic attack cause I keep thinking that the bridge is going to collapse and that there are so many sharks in the water underneath (which is really silly, cause as far as I know, there are no sharks in Sweden). Needless to say I never, NEVER go swimming in the ocean, even though I live right next to it.

Camilla said...

Hi cutie!
Great post. Thanks for tagging me - it's so much fun to do stuff like this.
I don't think you're a bad friend. You're actually one of the kindest persons I know :)


Camilla said...

Done - hope you like it :)

gracia said...

I don't watch horror flicks for that very reason, too. My imagination runs at full speed and I always try to avoid the gruesome.

I enjoyed reading your seven things... thanks.

Maria said...

Lovely!! It was so nice to read this about you:) Great match with the pics. You're so sweet!

My boyfriend has got asthma too and he sometimes wakes up in the night and has to breathe in the inhalator (we call it the "asthma-pipe").

Felix Werbowy said...

These are a great set of photos to go by.