Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm 12 !

or even 10
and i love it :D

How old are you ?


Camilla said...

Thanks for great comments as always. Exactly - han måste!!! :)
I think I know which program with Håkan you're talking about. Was he driving around Göteborg and showing his favourite places? I saw that the other day - it was absolutely the best. Made me miss Gbg!
About you being 12, haha - I feel 12 all the time as well. It's so much fun to be young and innocent ;)


Camilla said...

Yes, it was so funny and cute :) So cool that you're understanding my Swedish posts and replying in Swedish as well. Love it :D

Camilla said...

I think you will :)

Uhh so exciting! I hope you will do good. I wish you luck! Or should I say... Lycka till!

notebook doodles said...

such a cute post!
i sometimes think that i'm 12 too =)


Jess. said...

Oh, perfection.
I'm the same way, really.
I feel as much a child now as I did when I really WAS one.But that's the best way to be.

Hope you had a fun Halloween,

Maria said...

cute!! I'm also like that in a way I think..

Betsey said...

oh so lovely!
i feel like im 12 sometimes too...
maybe even all the time!

Mila said...


I truly, deeply wish i was 12 agin.
I wouled do so many things different. Almost everything.


Maria said...

I tagged you on my blog!

Toktokada said...

Pas beaucoup plus vieille, j'en ai peur.

Mirthe said...

This post really made me laugh!(: I like all the colours and the name on the bedroom (?) door. All those colorful necklaces remind me of when I was 12. I'm 16 now.

Anonymous said...

14! that's the age i feel like. i hope i stay that way forever. innocence should never be lost. don't you agree?