Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome Home

Finally, i found a little moment to post pictures about my holidays in Sweden <3 br="br">
After 10 days of holidays/worries, i finally found a flat in north Stockholm and can start my new life here :D




Maria said...

wow, great shots! good to hear that you found a flat! I wish you a good start:)

Léo pony-boy said...

Oui! Heureux de meme, tes nouvelles photos sont maxi!
C'est la machine a écrire de Cloclo, elle s'appelle Clarance. I want the same.
Au fait, les CocoRosie en concert ca a donné quoi?
Quand est-ce qu'on se voit en Suede?
Tu répondras a ma lettre?

Bécots, fille!


Famapa said...

looks like a good start to me! and what a relief to have found a flat, wonder if you're in my old neighbourhood (vasastan)? love the bottom two pics and what on earth are all of those people with brollies watching?

Betsey said...

oh wow, these are all wonderful. i especially love the umbrella one & the last one!

Camilla said...

I love the picture of the yellow house reflected in the puddle!

Mila said...

What an amazingly gorgeous pictures!

Alice said...

famapa: it was outdoor theater, that has been interrupted for 20mn, people just stayed there under the rain, and then they swipt and dried the stage and the actors came back in full sun :)