Friday, August 22, 2008


My friends from Cph Camilla and Jeanette came to visit me for 3 days :D
Camilla knows the city very well, cause she's here like every summer or something ! you svenskophile freak ;D

I had put on my "Easy Meeting" red hat, good thing, the girls spotted me in the crowd right when i entered the arrival area at the station :)



A shark

While on the bus, we stayed stuck in trafic in front of this guy for few minutes, so we started waving at him for fun, but he never even smiled or anything.. (a- he lost his inner child, so sad... b- yeah i know we're losers sometimes ;)

We went shopping, sailing, and dancing, and at the end of the night, when the music stoped, Jeanette and I couldn't stop singing :


asphaltandair said...

ahhh... such nice friends!
your "easy meeting" hat is simply too good!

Camilla said...

It was so lovely... Can't wait till next time!

puss & kram
The Svenskophile Freak

Léo said...

Le tramway plus kiffant tu trépasses!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a very good time alice and for you letting us stay with you! We've been busy since we came back to school.. But even though me and camilla have been talking about you being in Sweden all alone... soo you are not "all" alone:) you are in our thoughts...
Take care... talk soon;) Jeanette