Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunny Walk / Serious Talk

The sun is back in Copenhagen, and the light is so strong ! 
(the sun rises at 3:40 AM and sets at 10:50 PM !)
so we went for a walk with Monika, in the private houses areas of Frederiksberg. It was really nice :) So many huge houses..

We got to realise this was one of the last walks together, as Monika is going back home at the end of June, and then i am moving to Stockholm at the end of July...
We talked about our expectations for the future, our choices and decisions that had to confront surprises of life..
We talked about how strange it was to be friends, me coming from France, her coming from Poland, meeting here in Denmark, her going home and me to Sweden...
And as she would say "you never know what's going to happen" so let's hope for the best !

What will i become without my sweet rabbit ?

We went for coffee, and she encouraged me to go to the counter to change my tea, cause it has the weirdest taste; you really had to to think "dead rat" before drinking it.. it may sound easy to do, but i have some social issues... i am the kind that pays and shut up. but this time i went there and i even asked for my money back !! it felt nice not to be the sucker for once..

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mado&co said...

Merci pour la visite!! Je reviendrai sur ton joli blog...