Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ikea Day at Camilla's

Camilla will move in her new flat soon, so she bought 4 wardrobes to put in her room.
So yesterday she threw an Ikea party, and asked the guys to help her to assemble the wardrobes :)

some skruetrækker action ;)

We ate candies all day long,

Peew 4 ! done !

Then Camilla ordred pizzas

and we waited for them on the balcony

And then everybody ended up pretty drunk...


Maria said...

this was nice to see, since I'm moving to a new flat myself..Ikea-party, good idea:)

annika-44 said...

really nice day and nice photo explications :D

Christine said...

De tout coeur avec vous... Je cherche les vis !