Thursday, January 22, 2015

INSTAGRAM: @roadstory_

From now on, from time to time, I'll show you Instagram accounts I follow, with one rule in mind:
They must have less than 5000 followers at the time of the post.

The first one is called @roadstory_ and it shows the adventures of Jessica, between Los Angeles, London, Athens and more…
Beautiful photos, like fragments of life narrated through the caption..


Dreaming of last weekends's fish BBQ on the beach (trying to ignore the decommissioned nuclear power station on the horizon... Oh England).

A random act of violence. Last night, the young man on the right had his bike ripped out of his hands by a pack of youths wearing face masks. 
When he tried to get it back, all 5 of them turned on him, on a well lit, busy corner in Dalston. He was thrown against the glass window where I was sitting
 and then stumbled into the safety of the restaurant. The others ran off (with his bike). The youth, shaken up and hurt, was then looked after by staff and customers. 
I sent these photos to the police in a hope we can figure out who these kids are. Sad, scary stuff and my heart goes out to this young guy who had his bike stolen.

Quiet corner from my time living in Cyprus. 

Oh hi evening sun! Want to come in?

#Athens #garden

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Polly Balitro said...

Beautiful indeed! Thanks for sharing this, Alice!