Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This is my workspace just now
-Facade Renovation in progress: Average of 3 men working right in front of my desk/face everyday, so sometimes I close the blinds
-Cellar Flooded 3 times this summer: Had to empty it totally so they could waterproof it, so yes this is our patio furniture on the left, pilled up on a bunch of cellar crap furniture.

* * *

I've been quite a hoarder my whole life, and in general I'm messy. But for the past 2 years, all I want is to get rid of things. Things you never wear, thing you never use, but keep "just in case", things you don't even like but that you keep to make someone else happy. When the cellar got flooded, we had to go through piles and layers of wet, destroyed, never used stuff.. and we had to throw away a lot of things. I didn't feel sorry for our things, I felt annoyed we had to deal with that kind of "problem" and I felt ashamed we had a whole cellar full of stuff just good enough to be flooded. I felt ashamed to be caught in a perfect allegory of the "first world problem".

* * *

Last week my cellphone rang, and a man calling me by my full name asked me if I was home alone.
Then he called me "his chick" and when I asked several times who he was he didn't say so I hung up.
My boyfriend now insists to walk me to the metro and from the metro every time he can.

* * *
Anyway, here is the track of the week:

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couac said...

Et ben dis-donc, quelle histoire !...
Est-ce-que tu as prévenu la police ? Des fois, comme tu as été jointe par téléphone, ils peuvent localiser qui t'a appelée.

Pour les affaires, je te suis... il y a encore tant de choses qui ne me sont pas utiles mais dont je n'arrive pas à me débarrasser parce qu'elles me suivent depuis longtemps et font partie de mon paysage visuel, ça m'énerve !