Monday, August 25, 2014

C'est la rentrée!

A League Of Their Own, 1992

I always find this time of the year very inspiring. (Of course I used to hate it when I was in school; summer is over, you start a new course, and you don't really get to chose all these new things that are imposed to you, and even when you do, like at university, it's very stressful to take in all these new subjects and classes… and I remember hating having to picture what your scholar year is going to look like all at once).
Now it's different, I get to chose what to make of that "back to school" period. I get to chose what stays, and what goes. I feel very energized and motivated. (The only other time of the year where I feel like this is in February, where I always feel very inspired and creative).

I made a list of things I want to do this year, and i thought that if I posted it here, maybe it would encourage me to stick to it:

Join a choir
Practice Yoga twice a week
Make lists of songs to sing with Eva
-Read at least 1 book a month (and make a list like Art Garfunkel did)
-Watch at least 1 classic film a month
-Make Playlists
-Create several photo books
-Take more pictures of my friends
Get a Swedish ID (so people won't say things like "what is that? it's a fake" or "welcome to Sweden" after I hand them my French one)
-Do 1 completely new thing every week (Week 34: I went to see a softball match, Söder against Leksand. I am definitely coming back for the next match!)

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