Friday, April 4, 2014


Last week I went to see Johnny Flynn in concert at Strand.

As I stepped in the room I told my friend "you know what's my worst concert nightmare? Spending the whole gig stuck behind someone's phone." I know I'm old school but when I go to a concert, I don't come to 1. Hear YOU sing. 2. Watch the entire concert through your iPhone screen.
Well someone must have heard me, because I ended up behind the tallest man on earth, 20 years older than the rest of the crowd, with the most orange bushy hair i'd ever seen. Total Garfunkel from behind, and, as it turned out, pretty Steve Buscemi looking from front. We called him Steve Busceunkel all night. But at least, I thought, a man like him doesn't spend the whole concert behind his iPhone! Well he didn't. Just before the concert even begun, he pulled out the oldest "digital" camera, the kind you get for free when you order clothes in a catalogue, and I kid you not, took like 1376 photos through the whole show, wait for it, tilting the camera, to get the best diagonal frames. It was one of these moments in life when you really really want to laugh, but you also really really want to cry..

Anyways, apart from Steve, the concert was magical. If you don't know Johnny Flynn I highly recommend that you see him live. But prepare yourself, because you WILL fall in love. He's handsome in a way you can't ever be ready for, he has an unexpectedly deep voice that seems to tell you stories from another time, and most of all, he's the most humble person you'll meet.

He's touring over Europe just now, don't miss him! Concerts Dates Here

PS. He got his scars from a dog bite. Yes, he IS perfect.


Frk. Slej said...

I can only agree with you. Johnny is magic. Went to see him last fall and it was one of the best concert in my life. Going again on Wednesday. Can't wait. Hope I wont get stuck behind a mountainman, crazy to take photos with his old digital. :)

Fifikoussout said...

Oh lucky you!! I hope he tours more and more! I can't wait to see him again!