Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Music: LOVE

Today's music post is about love, because lately, all I see and hear around me seems to be about love. 

Maybe you feel like you finally get it..

Maybe it's that certain someone, that makes you look for signs everywhere..

Maybe it's a pain in your heart that doesn't seem to go away..

Maybe all you see is her, but she doesn't know you exist..

Maybe it's that person that no one compares to..

Maybe it's someone you love but can't stand at the same time..

Maybe you feel incomplete, when you know you shouldn't, without someone that loves you..

Maybe it's an ex, you can't seem to be able to forget:

Maybe it's someone you just can't say no to..

Maybe it's the one, you want to do everything with..

Or go anywhere with..

Here is the playlist I made, with songs about love, breakups, hope, broken hearts, solitude, relationships, tenderness and even stalkers (Ma cherie Amour, an ode to stalkers!)
(If your Spotify is not set so by default, I suggest you play the tracks from most recently added to least recently added)
Any suggestion on a good song about love?

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