Sunday, December 9, 2012

My week

There was a big snow storm in Stockholm this week. Many people I know couldn't get to work, either stuck in public transports (waiting 2 hours on the train to finally return home), either abandoned at the buss stop, seeing busses passing empty with the driver laughing their ass off at the naive people waiting.. Planes couldn't take off and the airports were full of sad travellers... A friend of mine had to shovel like a crazy person all week, to help all the neighbours with their cars, stuck under kilos of snow.. My boyfriend walked from work in the storm (there was no tram, no buss, and a crazy packed metro), and arrived in a totally dark neighbourhood, the power had gone off (several time this week) and we had to light up candles all over the flat..
It was quite a special week... quite cosy i thought, as i didn't have to go out! and I still managed to meet my friends on several evenings so...

I liked that video, that website and that song (best cover of France Gall ever)

How was your week?


Belle Fleur de Lis said...

there was also snow here, but it was gone very fast. i had a good birthday, but no white one like i hoped it would be, but it was good!

Polly said...

I totally understand how you feel! snow looks beautiful, but when you got to be out and be punctual it is not helping at all.
Living in Helsinki, we get piles of snow, yet, probably because the city is much smaller and less populated than Stockholm, the transports are quite ok when the snow comes... but we do get our delays too, sometimes!