Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Burning House

Do you know the blog The Burning House ?
The concept is simple, what would you take if your house was on fire ?
so i participated, and here is what i would take; the things imposible to replace.

- A kimono my Grand Ma gave me
- A box (filled with photos) i bought in Spain when i was 11
- A copy of the Gradute i received from my danish friend
- A box my mum used to keep coarse salt
- An old salt shaker
- A snake bracelet i bought when i was a student in France
- My wisdom teeth
- A locket medallion with a photo of my mum insdide
- A clay ocarina i bought in Portugal as a kid
- an old glasses case

What would you take??


Vanessa from LA said...

What an interesting website! And I can't believe you have your wisdom teeth. I still have mine in, but if I had them out I would probably never want to see them again for all the trouble they had caused. I heard that getting them removed is insanely painful/dramatic.

Now I have to think about what I would take with me...hmmm.

Lovely kimono btw.

Polly said...

you have chosen such wonderful treasures, Alice! :-)

Fifikoussout said...

haha well I know it's weird but when I had them removed (not painful nor dramatic, I could eat that same evening!) I didn't feel like trashing them, so I kept them like a trophy :)