Monday, November 26, 2012

Jacques Yves Cousteau

It seems the whole world discovered a sudden admiration for Jacques Cousteau after seeing The Life Aquatic by Wes Anderson.


I grew up with his films, they were very popular in France in the 80's. 
There was something about the imagery, the music, and the staged scenes happening "spontaneously" on the deck of the boat..


Today he's remembered as the Earth saviour and the protector of fresh water in the world! But did you know he started as a military? That during a war mission he was said to have abandoned his team mates while they were being imprisoned and tortured? That he pulled strings in the army to whitewash his anti-Semite/collaborationist brother Pierre-Antoine Cousteau? Did you also know that he started observing fishes by throwing big explosive charges in the sea, making all the fishes die and thereby float?

Read about it Here and Here


Ella said...

Hm, interesting!

Have a lovely weekend.

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