Friday, May 11, 2012

A Home for Alice: Home N° 100 !!! Chloe, USA

My "A Home for Alice" project reached its 100th participation !!!
so i decided to open the project to digital photo,
for all the people who wish to participate but don't have a polaroid camera,
you can now sumit your digital photos on the Tumblr page here !
And of course the project continues on the polaroid page Here


Polly said...

yay! :-)
congratulations, Alice!

I think you're going to get even more people participating to A Home for Alice, now that a polaroid camera is not mandatory anymore... it feels somehow sad to get down to this sort of compromise, but it will be so good to get many more people involved! :-)

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

I adore the picture with the hand and the dove- I collect those kinds of pictures. And I would love to participate in your project! I live in Sweden too. Really nice to find your blog; I especially like blogs that are written by people who are creative and make things themselves, like you are :)