Saturday, April 21, 2012

Report from the Konstsrunda

So last week i took the train down to Skåne, to see some art.

Our first stop was the house of the artist Anna Rocjegova-Cederholm

After that we visited a glass blower atelier

we took a little walk in the streets of Simrishamn, lovely.

Then we stopped at the house of a really cool danish lady, who had the ground floor of her house packed with wonders, antiques and art pieces..

the next days we met our dear friends and and took a long walk in the countryside

Fika Break, in Ystad (adorable town) with the best salmon sandwich ever

Our firends bought an old school, and they had the exhibition in the classroom

they still have a lot to fix

it was such a perfect setting for the Konstrunda :)

We had a lovely week in Skåne, totally disconected from our everyday life.


Polly said...

it is always so good to take a break from the city to visit some calmer and interesting places! :-)
the old school looks so wonderful!
did they bought it as an atelier or are they also living in there?

Fifikoussout said...

They bought it as a house, like a countride house (they have a flat in Malmö) and they even have big gym room above the classroom !

ovaye said...

Such a good idea to have the exhibition in the classroom.