Sunday, August 28, 2011

Copycat i mean Submarine !

Last night i went to see Richard Ayoade's film Submarine, and.. how do i say this..

I felt like i had seen that submarine..

That Oliver guy, he reminided me of someone..

maybe Harold from Harold & Maude ?

I don't know, there's something about the way he swims..

with a suit, like Harold..

And.. i've seen that hat somewhere..

oh yes ! here !

but I mean, it must be a coincidence..

His dad studies the depth of the ocean...

just like he did in The Life Aquatic,

Oliver meets Margot, i mean Amelie, i mean Jordana !

and they seat by the sea, cause it's not romantic

and you know, Jordana is so cute

so they ride a bike

Etc... etc... you got my point..
And in addition to all those copy pastes, this movie contains everything it should contain
a polaroid camera

a polaroid wall

typewrited cards with multiple choices

a retro stereo, a caleidoscope and so on..
So my question is: did we need that movie ?


Polly said...

you pay attention to so many details when you watch a movie for the first time, Alice. unbelievable! :D I have seen this film about a month ago... I don't know what to say, I think I quite like it, even thought it wasn't anything new :)

Camilla said...

Hmm, so maybe I shouldn't watch this movie... I agree with Polly, it's amazing how you notice all these little things :)

Camille said...

C'est exactement ce que je me suis dit en le voyant ! Incredible mon ami de paris i want to say, c'est aussi inutile qu'une série de photos de the cherry blossom fesse sur un nouveau vernis dior !

shepleyblondel said...

Spot on.

caroline said...

Wow, such a great eye!

& thanks for commenting. I still thought Submarine was a good movie. I knew it wasn't original (reminded me of Amelie) but having seen so many trailers for these "HOLLYWOOD" movie, I thought it was a breath of fresh air. And a lot of these "indie" films have a lot of the same themes or aspects. I love Wes Anderson movies (haven't seen Life Aquatics, but uggh soon) and they all seem to be riding the same awkward vibe but I love that awkwardness and maybe that's what I Liked about Submarine. :)

And perhaps it's because I'm from the US, I thought the background (setting) was beautiful. I'm not use to that greyness! But liked your post a lot!