Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dans les rues de Paris...

Last Sunday i took a plane to Paris with my Diamond.
We arrived at the gate 2 hours before, and waited waited waited...
4mn before the plane left, i don't know why, i stood up and went to see if the screen still indicated "Paris Charles de Gaule".
It didn't. 4mn before it left. it said "Amsterdam".
We had to run from gate 32 to gate 9 in 4mn. Never ran so fast in my whole life.
When we got there, sweaty, exhausted, in panic, the gate was closed.
My Diamond used his usual people skills, and in 2sec, the smiling lady was opening it again. The preasure releasing itself, I bursted into tears while just entering the already full plane. And caught in a huge asthma attack I glanced at a guy who was staring at me with a stupid face. So i just stared back and showed him my best "what do you want ?" face. and it's only when i passed him i realised it was Mika (the singer). haha i can't stand his music anyway :)

We landed in a hot hot hot, oh my lord hot, Paris.
37°C with no air what so ever. (My diamond staid at his friends' place).
First i visited my Friend Christine, she had a mini birthday party on her balcony and the vue from her flat is a total cinema décor. (et juste en face Nicolas Rey qui fricote avec une fille derrière sa pile de vetements fraichement rapportés du pressing)

total Rear Window

Around 2am we all went for a walk in Montmartre streets. How magic.

The next day I went to Camille's place, who has the most messy/crowded flat. I had as usual, the nicest time.

homemade violet syrup ice cream steuplait !

second hand scarfs, chinese stores in Belleville,

j'en retiendrai :

"c'est vraiment gênant"


Miss Holmes said...

Lovely photos! Sounds wonderful. Apart from the airport stress! At least you got on the plane :)

Polly said...

so lovely alice (:
I love the photos of paris!

schorlemädchen said...

oh what great images Alice..I hope you have a great is so hot here is such a great city...

Camille said...

je remarque les filles biennnn plus qu'avant !
love mon bébon

Camilla said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I can't stop laughing at the part about Mika! What's his problem?! You know what you should have said? "Well, f*** you too, Mika!" Eva would have been so proud :D
So good that you caught the plane!! I hope you and Uffe are having a great time. Can't wait to see you SO soon - yay <3