Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My friend Emilie passed away.
at first i thought i wouldn't write about it, and as a well educated person i would just stay silent and "appropriate" about it.
but fuck i am so sad, and so angry at life. she was only 27, just got married and had a baby. she was finally happy after times of darkness. she was so kind, so very kind. so inspired and inspiring. she was a whole world, a whole universe of songs and colours !
i naively hope she swims in a ocean of colours, that her soul blows out in thousands and thousands of drops, in a big mess of LSD, where everything is beautiful, and crazy. where everything is warm. where everyhting is love.

She was all that:

edie sedgwicksharon tate

jacques demy jean seberg

kirsten dunst the virgin suicides

tommy they shoot horses, don't they?

a bout de souffle the rocky horror picture show

les parapluies de Cherbourg la belle mauve

Peau d'ane


cloa said...

She probably does. You have all my thoughts. And your friend too.

Camilla said...

I am deeply, deeply sorry to hear that. Reading this makes me so sad. I hope you are alright, even though it must be really tough... Tell Uffe to give you a big hug for me! <3

Brenda said...

Hello I have been following you since 2 or 3 weeks. I can see you are an artist. And I want to say something about Emilie.
You should not be angry at life. Thinkgs happen for a reason BELIEVE ME. If she was such a good person and died this means her family had to learn something. Infact they are learning averyday about it. And her child had to live this life without a mother. Because maybe in the last one he didnt love his/her mother. I have some unsual beliefs. Just believe me when I say she knows how much you suffer. She isnt gone. She will never be gone. Just in the physical form. Hope I helped.

mybrouhaha said...

Ma pauvre, comme je pense à toi! c'est terrible ce qui viens d'arriver, et je me sens étrangement triste pour toi et pour elle! c'est horrible de se dire combien parfois la vie peut-être injuste! je te souhaite beaucoup de courage, à toi ainsi qu'à sa famille!

des bises de consolation

Polly said...

I know how terrible this must be :( recently my dad's housemate passed away, and a dear friend of my sister has died in a car accident just one week before his graduation. life is so sad sometime :( I am really really sorry alice.

Ana said...

Courage Alice et toutes mes condoléances.


une fille BLASEE said...

Mince, c'est affreux. Mes sincères condoléances. En revanche, ne va pas penser qu'il est mieux de faire comme une "personne bien élevée" et se taire. Tu lui rends un bien bel hommage ici. Je te souhaite du courage.