Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday Girl + Dream Boyfriend

= a weekend in heaven !

This saturday, it was my birthday.
I knew my boyfriend had planned something for a month.
I asked and asked and asked "le cadeau ! le cadeau ! le cadeau !"
but he didn't tell me what it was before saturday at noon !
And i must say it was worth waiting !! it was a weekend at a Japanese Spa away in the archipelago !!

we wore kimonos, ate fresh fruits, slept in a japanese room, had the best dinner ever,

we swam,

the best part was the very hot bath outdoors, such a cocoon for your body, and so fresh for your face and lungs !

I felt so happy and so spoiled, i almost forgot i turned 27 ! ( 27 ! äkligt ! )


kerri said...

bonne anniversaire, lovey lady. xxx

Polly said...

wow! one of the most lovely weekend ever I see (:
buon compleanno alice.
when I will be 27 I wish I will be at least half as arty and happy as you are.

--- said...

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Maria said...

How wonderful alice!! and happy birthday:) I'm also turning 27 this year..

when I go visit my mum in sthlm in the summer I might check out that spa..if it's not too expensive..! but I believe it is:)

schorlemädchen said...

oh how great...happy belated birthday...i am 27 too:)
sounds like you had a great day

Anne-Charlotte said...

happy birthday alors!!! ton week-end devait être tellement chouette!

famapa said...

happy belated birthday alice!!
and what a wonderful gift from your man - I've always wanted to go there...

"27 äkligt" - haha, funny!

Ylenia said...

I like the colours of the picture that makes them from the 50s!
Have you done it yourself?


Alice said...

thank you everyone :)

Ylena : no i don't do anything on the pictures' coulour, it's only the polaroid SX70 that gives that effect :)

Betsey said...

oh my gosh, so adorable!!