Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Long Friday

This long weekend was about


Fantastic Mr Fox


mini snack before assembling a new dresser

which has a part at the top to keep jewellery

and strawberry jam


Angela said...

I like your blog. I noticed the date says June 2, 2010 which hasn't come yet. Is this what you're planning to do on June 2?

Check out my blog - www.onthebrightside-angela.blogspot.com

Have a great day!

my eye in lo-fi said...

I watched Fantastic Mr Fox, too. Isn't it woderful?

"Even these apples look fake, but at least they have stars on them."

ar.ceive said...

I like your blog,your photos are amazing!
Good Sunday!


lisa Kjellerød said...

I love those boxes that your herbs are in! Are they from Ikea?

Alice said...

haha yes totally Ikea :)