Sunday, March 28, 2010

MUSIC: The pursuit of happiness

Sorry for not posting so much these times, i am very busy learning how to grow up, and getting rid of all my childhood demons.
It's not easy, and it costs me a lot of tears. But it's for a good cause.

i am currently obsessed with that song

and its cover

i feel like Kid Cudi, no matter what i do, and how hard i try to dream,
i always fall back to that same old couch, with a feeling of frustration, dissatisfaction and despair.
but this time, i am taking serious actions to make it change.


Katrin said...

I think realizing this is the first big step and it is just normal and part of the process that we again and again fall into the old patterns. But you got a big diamond on your side who is protecting you. I am sure you can make it. Just don't be du frustrated by falling back, it is just another time you can show that you can take the stop forward again.

<3 said...

So cute ! J'aime beaucoup la cover (je sais pas si ça se dit comme ça en français mais bon), elle a un très joli brin de voix...

blueberry.thorn said...

OMG, I looooveee that song! I'm obsessed with it right now tooo! it's sooo goood :D

famapa said...

I went through exactly the same thing when I was about 23. I guess they call it a quarter-life crisis :) I was lucky to have a rock of a man stand by me when I had to work out all my shit, sounds like you have one too. it might be hard work now but you'll look back at this time grateful that you worked your way through it... most people choose the easy way and don't. sounds like you're being strong!

LOVE the cover, love her voice <3

Polly said...

it is very hard alice. it's the same for me. and life somedays just doesn't help. my mother believes I am still a moaning child and she keeps on telling me about it. but we got to stand for what we believe in and keep on with our own paths. the winter will end and the spring will make it feel better.

claritystar said...

not really a kid fan but I loved this song and video. wow. great. the cover was great too. just what i needed to hear to keep me on my positive vibe.

Maria said...

I'm going through some kind of a crisis too, caused by all the stress and pressure around me right now, aaahhh it's hard!! I hope you deal with your demons and feel better soon! all the best and glad påsk;)

cute cover!