Friday, January 15, 2010

Louis Bertil and Serge : More than Felt ! Episode 1

You may remember Louis Bertil and Serge.
For those who don't, Serge comes from Denmark, and i created Louis Bertil as a graduation present for my friend Camilla.

Since they met in 2008, Serge and Louis Bertil were best friends.
But when i moved from Denmark to Sweden, Louis Bertil stayed there, Serge came with me and they were separated.
Despite the distance they never lost contact, they email eachother, and they promissed to publish little chronicles..

Today, it's Serge who shows Louis Bertil how to make french pancakes !

Step 1 pour the flour

Step 2 add the eggs

if the preparation is messy, add just a drop of milk, and mix it up

to obtain a smooth result !

then you need talent to make it look perfect like this ! et voila !


Camilla said...

Hahahaha, this is THE BEST!!! I love love love it! Cannot stop laughing. Serge looks so cute when he's cooking! :D
<3 <3 <3

Camilla said...

Seriously I'm still laughing... Hahaha!!

Katrin said...

Ahhh this is soooo cute. What a wonderful idea!

toutepetite said...

Ah c'est beau l'amitié!

Polly said...

SUPER! I can't wait to see another episode! haha. both of them are so cute and softy!

See Hear Say said...


Maria said...

hey! hahaha this is too cute! and funny;D

Letty said...

Sooo Funny! Serge is really a great cook. Has he been trained by some famous French chef or something? ;o)

mari said...

hohoho, so absurde!
Thumbs up for wicked ideas!