Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm usually not a candle person..

but i must admit these days, i light dozens of candles every night..
it might be because of all the sad events that happend..
or maybe because i am sick as a dog,with fever and asthma, 2 days before i have to fly to France, to my brother's wedding ?!
(and so i'm missing my new swedish class, and i force myself to go to work..)

but i am not complaining, i am very positive, and try everything i can, with my best auto medication talent my mom gave me ;)
(liters of green tea, apple juice, vitamin C, magnesium, lavender essencial oil.. )


Polly said...

those are the best medicine ever alice. i am experiences a very bad for of flu myslef these days...but with all these cares we will surely get over it soon.
congrats to your brother!

shamblebaby said...

i'm in love with what you're doing here

notebook doodles said...

i loveeeeeee candles :p

Katrin said...

my granny always says: drink a warm bottle of beer (not boiling but warm) oack yourself on your bed and sleep about 10 hours staying warm and cosy, after u will be fine again.

Katrin said...

Yes, if you have a cold it really works..you feel warm and abit dizzy and so you can fall alsleep quickly and the next morning you feel better. Like the illnes swept out of you.

PROVINS said...

Åh god bedring...! I Danmark bakser vi desværre også alle sammen med sygdom.. Ikke at det hjælper - det ved jeg..
Få varmen og hyggen med de fine lys!

Anonymous said...

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mybrouhaha said...

moi aussi j'aime bien allumer plein plein de bougies! ça donne une ambiance tellement cosy!