Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Killed my Mother

These days it's the Stockholm Filmfestival
and after 2 movies i didn't really loved (Shrink and The Limits of Control)
last night i went to see "J'ai tué ma mère" (i killed my mother)
and exept 2 or 3 clichés, give the guy a break he's 17, it was really good !
i love the photography a lot, and the canadian-french accent is always a delight !
sometimes during the movie, i was the only one to laugh during angry scenes,
because of the accent, or silly expressions they used :)


Polly said...

mmh. very interesting alice. I hope it will come sometime to italy too, or maybe I can watch it in stockholm? did I tell you I am coming for a couple of days in december?

Camilla said...

Film festivals are so great! We had the documentary festival in Cph a few weeks ago, and we went to see the strangest films. So much fun!
(PS: I wish you could study with us at the university too!!)

Cinestef said...

This film is a blast. We are releasing it in Greece in a few days and many people are anxious to see it. It was a big hit at the Thessaloniki Film Festival too.
The Canadian-French was interesting considering I had to translate it to Greek for the subtitling.
At some points it kind of hurts one's ears, but that was enjoyable too.
Translating it to Greek was a challenge but the Greek language is rich enough for me to find just the right expressions so that nothing gets lost in the translation.
I assume you already know that it is Canada's submission for the Best Foreign Film Oscar.
I really hope it gets a very wide release.
Sigmund Freud would have had a field day with this one!
keep watching!