Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yet another perfect weekend

My diamond and me went to the Färgfabriken, we had brunch

And then we went to see the Ola Pehrson retrospective (site here)
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Then we walked through the whole city

After that we went to the cinema, and picked a movie, quite randomly..

And it turned out to be the last Ang Lee movie, Taking Woodstock, which was just great !!

And finally we went for sushi, and had another great talk about life.
This was another perfect weekend :)


Polly said...

wow. it sounds all awesome.
and I want to see that movie too.

your post made me happy alice!

Jess. said...

It sounds perfect! I've been meaning to see Taking Woodstock with my friends. We will eventually. Glad to hear you liked it!


Camilla said...

Oh what a lovely weekend it seems to have been!

Windy Days said...

I love reading your blog because it's so personal, and you share so many interesting things from your life. I can't wait to see Taking Woodstock, hope it's good! :)

laura said...

oh i want to see that movie!

.r ssej said...

the photo w/ the statue pointing to the grey sky is just breath taking

Ida said...

Taking Woodstock is soo good! (And I think Demetri Martin loos really good in the movie )