Monday, September 7, 2009

Wasn't me !

I was on the bus tonight after work,
and two very anoying kids were playing with a foot ball,
throwing it back and forth at eachother in between every passenger that was passing in the aisle,
then slapping the seats, to make the most dust possible,
and then make the ball bounce everywere...
Everybody in the bus was so pissed !! looking at them with angry eyes, but nobody moved.

At some point, the doors opend to let passengers out,
just as the kids droped their ball in the aisle by mistake..
And suddenly, i don't know what happend to me, i stood up, grabbed the ball and threw it outside the bus !!!

The kids were so surprised they frose.
i just sat back while hearing the bus driver saying "go and get your ball !"
but the kids felt stupid, and just said no..

This is so weird ! So not me to do that !
It made me think of philosophy classes in high school, with subjects like "do we always control what we do or say ?"
well i don't know who actually did that today, but it wasn't me !


Katrin said...

Hmm I have this moments, too. Sometimes when I am totaly pissed I just loos controll.. And I can understand why u did this. Some kids just dont learn so they must "feel", I dont mean hitting them or something, but it maybe showed them best, that they were annyoing the others on the bus.

Mischat said...

Bouezaaaaaaette !
que t'arrive-t-il ?
serait ce Tatie Danièle ou Mr Jeckill qui apparaissent en toi ?
tu aurais pu les menacer de le faire s'il n'arrêtaient pas ; mais de là à le faire pour de vrai !!! puis après tout, c'est une bonne leçon pour ces petits "m......" qui se croient tout permis !

famapa said...

oh alice, well done! your story made me laugh so much! sometimes we need to break out of our normal selves, it makes life so much more interesting and gives us stories to share. thanks for putting a smile on my face :0)

Polly said...

I would have probably wanted to do the same too. alcie, you did for good. some kids just don't have any manner.

lea said...

i can fully understand why you did it - would never have had the guts myself but oh it must have felt good! so frustrating when you feel like you can't do anything. i really enjoyed your bus story!

mybrouhaha said...

ce que tu as fait est assez génial! c'est vrai que ça fait un peu peur quand ton esprit sort un peu de ton corps!

Anonymous said...

well they obviously deserved it! they should respect that people don't want others messing around on the bus! lovely blog btw ♥

Camilla said...

Haha, such a funny story. It's so not you to do that :D But yes, sometimes we can just get so annoyed or angry that we surprise ourselves and act out. Wish I had seen it all happening ;)

asphaltandair said...

this story is the greatest.
you're my super hero today.

Misha said...

That is awesome though, to react like that. This moment where something inside of you takes control, or rather, you loose control. I would have donethe same. At least I hope I would..