Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bon Voyage !

I am going home!
And this year, i'll stop 3 times on my way, like a mini Europe trip :)

First stop : Skåne !
One week in my boyfriend's summer house.
And i hope it will feel like this:










Second stop : Copenhagen !
Which i hope will feel like this :





Third stop : Paris !
Which i hope will feel like this :





Last stop : Home !
Which i hope will look like this :








red rocket said...

your home looks like the best stop of all !
have a safe trip

Polly said...

wow :D
buon viaggio alice (:
it looks like it will be be an awesome trip!
have fun every minute and keep on updating us wth your beautiful blog posts.

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

your mind is truly beautiful. x

meile said...

ça bien du bien parfois de rentrée a Saint Naz' !
Mais bientôt je n'aurais qu'une envie, c'est de repartir.
Bienvenue a la maison !

Katrine Ny said...

What a wonderful post! I hope your hopes and dreams about the different stops will come true. Have a nice trip!

Rynke said...

Nice nice nice post!! Bon voyage!

mybrouhaha said...

c'est ouf!!! la photo avec toutes les théieres, j'ai fait la même!!! c'est un petit salon de thé qui fait des cupcakes à Berlin!!!
sinon tu viens d'où en France, on dirait que c'est à côté de chez mes parents qui habitent en Vendée...
bonne vacances en tout cas!

gracia said...

Beautiful images, all of them. Paris, home, summer house... dreamy and darling all. Enjoy, you are sure to.

Pauline said...

Il y a de la magie dans chacun de ces endroits !! Bon retour à St Nazaire :)

Gisele said...

Bon voyage, Alice! Lovely selection of images as always.

kajsa said...

I just fell into your blog from somewhere I cant remember (im a goldfish in a humans body, its not my fault my memory is bad) and realized after 2 seconds that I love it. You blog is cute. Cute like a bunny rabbits nose.

Camille said...

Ohh cute <3

Camilla said...

Such a lovely trip for the Summer holiday. I can't wait to see you :)

Karin said...

Love the first picture of Copenhagen!

Shayla shut your eyes said...

:) i hope it does too!

<3 pretty pretty pretty things are going to happen for you love!

epe said...

have a great time! :)

Anna Caroline said...


I am new to your blog :) I love it! Inspiring and also interesting.

Ha en trevlig resa

/Anna Caroline
Design Studio 210

hjartesmil said...

oh! my! god! what! a! beautiful! blog!

Hayley said...

i'm jealous of your trip (:
such lovely photos, too! i hope you have a wonderfully amazing time!

agnes said...

I never know going back home can be this fun and romantic at the same time. it would be a great time and experience for sure. Hope everything will fit well under your mood and of course, some nice surprises come along too !

agnes :)

Windy Days said...

Amazing pictures! Hope you have a most wonderful time Alice. :)

andrea said...

such sweet pictures. i wish i could come.

Maria said...

SO beautiful all of it! Hope you had a nice trip and even a nicer time at home with your family:)

shilvia said...

wonderful images!!!and your great stop!!!