Friday, July 24, 2009

And i drove through a dream..


Yesterday evening, i drove for half an hour, exactly during the whole sunset.
I wish i had my camera with me, or even a video camera.
The sky was so dramatic, after the thunder storm..
It was purely magic; the sun was running after me, and hitting every house facade, every tree, every little leaf..
And my ipod magically played that song, that i never heard before, which is so weird as Simon & Garfunkel are my life.
I couldn't help to think about all the beautiful things in life, and all the love i feel...
And for a while, totally alone on the road, i drove through a dream..


Poke Salad Annie said...

how lovely!

sierralemon said...

Si joliment dit...

Hayley said...

the picture is gorgeous and your description is wonderful (: