Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's go Geeky !

Saturday night i was supposed to go out and dance, but at the last minute, i didn't feel like it.
Instead i went to take pictures in the night, with my favorite photo geek, my boyfriend.
This is something amazing about him; he also LOVES taking pictures !
But the main difference between us two is that i always take them during the day and he always take them at night.
So i gave it a try. With the best teacher :)

i got to test all the geeky functions of my camera !

I loved it, and when we got home i just couldn't stop !


Camilla said...

These are so cool! I really like night pictures as well. The one with the street lights is so great :)

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

spooky! x

Polly said...

the best thing is with boyfriends taking photos (:

notebookdoodles said...

you're so lucky to be having the same interest as your boyfriend.
and that interest being photography is just the best combination!

linde said...

I like the photos (:

mybrouhaha said...

ce sont de très belles photos en effet!! j'adore celle de la route en noir et blanc! et la dernière!!! je la regarde je suis télétransportée en Suède!!! pourquoi mes fenetres ne s'ouvrent elles pas vers l'exterieur pour que je puisse mettre une lampe devant!!! grrrr

Esti said...

really, really good pictures.

Detstartarnu said...

beautiful pics!