Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Want...


These times, it seems that everything i do, or say is wrong.
I am too like this, not enough like that.
It's hard to bump against the limits of who you are in other people's eyes.
It's also seems i need to grow up and fix some flaws quicklier than i would have thought.
For 2 days my whole spine hurt like hell, and i had the hardest time moving my back.
I am not surprised, as it seems i need to change everything i am made of... like i have to shed skin.

i also have that anoying feeling that i not living.
i always want more, bigger, further away, with more colours, lights, smells, feelings...

I want to see the world

I want love to look like this

I want to meet my gang

I want the everyday to look like this

I want to be overwhelmed by landscapes

I want my trips to look like this

I want to stay out during thunderstorms

I want to feel like this !!


cloa said...

when I read your blog I've the feeling to want the same things than you. Anyway, if you want a coloured world : I'm going to India in september, if you want to join me...

Polly said...

now. that's the feelings I get too, so many times.

one of the photos you blogged is my jacopo's work. isn't it nice?


yasu said...

i want to feel like that too!

Camilla said...

You and I are so much alike :)

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

lovely lady i know exactly where you are coming from. i get so scared that i am growing old without doing the things i am supposed to be. but as an outsider watching your beautiful life through your lovely words and photographs, i think you have made a gorgeous existence for yourself. xx

agnes said...

it is sooo beautiful, I want to be part of those pics too (L)

epe said...

great post!

Windy Days said...

Your blog is great because it's so honest and personal. It's hard to find something like that nowadays.

Some days I get the feeling that there is so much going on in the world and I am missing out on it. I hope good things will be happening for both of us soon!


Betsey said...

this is so beautiful and perfect.
i want everything that you just listed as well. especially everyday to look like that. amazing.

nicki said...

oh yes! I know what you mean. I often feel the same.
I love your kind of writing. I got goosebumps.

I´ll be back ;)

(Thanks so much for your kind words. It´s incredible to hear...! <3 <3 <3
My english is quite bad, but I'll try to write a summary in english in the future...)

Make it Easy said...

that star fish is huge!

Mischat said...

très joli post !
sensible, comme souvent...

Maria said...


trupeach said...

this makes my insides swell. it's magical.