Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Music Box


Dear readers, i need you !!!
these times i feel like i listen to the same music over and over !!!
i need fresh sound !!

what music do you love these days ??? give me tips !!

For you :

Little Dragon - Recommendation cosy :)

Emiliana Torrini - Ha Hacosy :)

Mariza - Barco Negrocosy :)

Broadcast - Tears in the typing poolcosy :)


alice said...

Here are three Japanese musicians that I like to listen to at the moment to keep me calm when I have a busy day at work:





linde said...

I just found your blog through myspace. I really like it !
I mostly listen to Sigur ros, Manu chao, Ray lamontagne, Lily allen, James morrison (:

Påscalinou said...

Alors moi j'écoute beaucoup le nouveau Dominique A,Le dernier Marissa Nadler, "Still night, still light" d'Au revoir Simone, The Pains of being pure at heart, the Crystal Stilts, No head de Battant et puis LaïsLenski

Camilla said...

Hey sweetie,
These days I listen to a lot of Säkert! and Hello Saferide. But may I also recommend:
1) Almedal - Från och med nu och 20 dagar framåt (the whole album)
2)Thåström - Sönder Boulevard (it's about Vesterbro in Cph)
3) The new A Camp album is so great as well...
4) Band Of Horses
5) The Concretes!!!
6) Jesse Malin
7) Kristofer Åström... I just discovered him when he was supporting A Camp in Cph.
8) Sofia Karlsson (perfect Swedish folk songs!)

Hope you'll like some of it - enjoy! :)

Placide said...

Je t'envoie celles que j'écoute en boucle :)

anna said...

the new horrors stuff is really good, especially sea within a sea.
also check out singapore sling and the virgin tongues.





kerri ní dochartaigh said...

i'm really hearting angus and julia stone, bon iver and lisa hannigan at the moment. or the tallest man on earth. or bright eyes. xx

Anonymous said...

yael naim - toxic

Polly said...

I love
"ous mal"

check them out on my myspace alice ;)

Totally Severe said...

Right now I am liking:

Vashti Bunyan- Train Song
Rilo Kiley- My Slumbering Heart
Jolie Holland- Flood of Dreams
Julieta Venegas- Seria Feliz
Magnetic Fields- Desert Island

Matte & Matte said...

by time-to-time since a few years i can't stop to listen at
-Paris Combo


and let me add :
-Giulia y los tellarini


lastly i found this other artist
very good as a background, for instance when you are cooking:D
mmmh exotic!

-Mulatu Astatke


i do love his album "Afro Latin Soul" that he did with the Ethiopian Quintet

hope you are well.

epe said...

These days I listen over and over again Yes! by Pet Shop Boys.
p.s (I recommend you Lila Downs and Marisa Monte, they are great!)

Caroline said...





Rb said...

Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers, Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons, The Wooden Birds, Dirty Projectors.

Give those a try! Love your blog!

Hanna Persson said...

http://www.myspace.com/jeniferever this is one of my favourite bands, Logh and Audrey is also very good.

Hanna Persson said...

ps. you could also listen to me, I recorded a cover of Lykke Li´s Tonight as a schoolproject; http://www.box.net/shared/ad6rq458nz# ds.

Påscalinou said...

Merci pour ton petit commentaire!

Et puis tu me diras ce que tu en as pensé :-)

madame chocolat said...

une blog cop m'a fait découvrir Towers of power, j'adore!

FruensWerk2 said...

I listet a mix of danish and ...on my blog last week :)
If you need more links :)

(senior) said...

Hi Alice, I like your question!
So... this is one of my favorite band...
and this is another
and the last
buona serata! see you soon

Maya Rrose said...

Merci Alice :)

(Pour la musique, je dis The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Lissy Trullie et Jonjo Feather.)

Mariechipotte said...

Bon, je ne suis pas très actuelle, musicalement, mais j'ai mes artistes du moments :

- Au revoir Simone
- Regina Spektor
- Psapp
- Empire of the sun
- HERMAN'S HERMIT (no milk today)
- Coeur de pirate
- The Lovin' spoonful (summer in the city)
- A fine frenzy
- The Album leaf

... :)

Bonne soirée !

Vintage Belle said...

these always puts me in a good mood.
1.Frou Frou
2.Amelie soundtrack
3.Yael Naim
4.nouvelle vague

Ewa said...

My tips for you:
Manic Street Preachers- A Design For Life
The Script- Before the Worst & Talk You Down
Sara Bareiles- Between the Lines

P.S. I like your blog :)

Anonymous said...

here are a few goodies:

DM Stith - Heavy Ghost
Patrick Watson - Woodhands
Blossom Dearie - Once Upon a Summertime
Plants & Animals - Parc Avenue

melange muse said...

Here are just a few songs I have been listening to lately! : )

Lisa Hannigan - Lillie
M. ward - post war
Beirut - a sunday smile
carla bruni - Le ciel dans une chambre
cat power- metal heart

ange ella said...

Fleet Foxes.

Laura said...

The new Patrick Wolf album (The Bachelor) is ace (and so is his older stuff). Violin and electropop, amazing.

pauline said...

Beirut - Nantes. Pure love.