Sunday, January 11, 2009

Drawing : Time to Bet BIG !

Yesterday i learned how to play poker ! So much fun !


Camilla said...

Cool!! You little gambler ;)

Erica said...

very cute :) I love your blog!

Michelle said...

i know so many people who play poker and I STILL have yet to fully grasp it!

Mila said... it!
Hope you are fine dear..

You forgot about the tag that i gave you, didn't you? ;)


notebookdoodles said...

i love love love your drawing!!!! and i mean it, seriously =) please draw more.


Maria said...

Cute drawing! I learned to play poker a few years ago but now I already forgot the rules..I remember that it was fun though:)

Misha said...

poker is dangerous !
Many people lost their tops (sailor or not ) this game.

Ombeline said...

Ttrop a-do-ra-ble. Très bon choix!!!

Copé said...

Ton portrait est trop bien, mais je vois trop de tristesse dans le regard... toi si la marinière est de sortie!!!!
Quant au poker = jeu de voyou . C'est le conseil d'une mamie