Monday, December 1, 2008

Tag : 7 more things about me

i collect 20 kronor bills, cause they're cute and kiddy :D

I love to spy into people's home by the window

I always think about love during fireworks

I hate to smell people's smell in the street/metro/stores, i am very sentsitve to smells, and even perfume of neutral ones bother me.

Most of the time, i feel different from others

When i moved to Scandinavia, i felt like i re-enterd my childhood

I have no idea of what my future will be

It's been so long i can't even find out who tagged me !! so sorry :( (if it's you, tell me !)
i tag Camille, Camilla and Leo :)


Camilla said...

Hi sweetie,
Thanks for the perfect comment. Yes, during the concert I was thinking about us having fun at Tivoli - it was so great!! I miss times like that <3

This was a cute post - with just the right photos as always :)
And thanks for tagging me again. I'll do the post as soon as I have the time for it. Things are a bit crazy with the exam project...

famapa said...

lovely facts! I'm with you on perfumes, I can't stand them... I wish I could turn my sense of smell off and on, wouldn't that be great? And I also love spying into people's homes... much easier now when it gets dark early ;0)

Katrina said...

such a lovely world you have here. thanks for visiting my blog. and yes, i agree there is something romantic about fireworks. and i love that last photo in this post. cheers to you!

notebookdoodles said...

i spot smurf legs!! so cute =)

i'm not sure if i tagged you. it does get confusing after awhile. and it's kind of hard to keep up. whoever tagged who.. it's good enough that you did it because i enjoyed it.

ps. i love those black mary janes in the last photo!! and your photos will always continue to amuse me every time.


Olga said...

I can really relate with the first three things you've listed.

I still carry around a 20 kronor note in my wallet because it's so adorable, all pink and purple, and feeds my dreams of wanting to fly away on a swan some day...

Toktokada said...

J'adore regarder les interieurs des inconnus aussi.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

wow. wonderful photos to go with your interesting facts. i enjoyed this post!

Maria said...

sweet facts! I love the pictures and those white shoes.

Misha said...

c'est quoi ces jambes de chtroumph?
c'est hugly !

little rogue said...

so cute. I love your comment about people's smells. My sniffer is really sensitive as well. I have even though of petitioning to have certain smells removed from the street all together.

copé said...

Coucou Alice,
Tu es différente et pareille aux autres humains,
sans doute plus "humaine" que tant d'autres, ce qui met ton hyper sensibilité à rude épreuve...Nous avons TOUS notre part de connerie ,certes, mais tant d'autres sont trop bien servis, n'est-ce pas? Quant aux bonnes odeurs,elles n'existeraient pas si les mauvaises n'existaient pas; comme le plaisir ne peut exister sans la souffrance...C'était ma minute de philosophie...

poutous Copé

Little Rascal said...

I'm closely related to the lady, Selma Lagerlof, on the 20 kr bill.
(On my fathers side, she's some kind of aunt of his.)
She was the first woman ever to receive the Nobel prize. (Literature)