Thursday, January 15, 2009


I have a huge obsession with Ophelia's theme.


Paul Delaroche


Eleanor Hardwick

 Namiko Kitaura

by Veek

Victor Burgin

Gregory Crewdson

Francois Coquerel

Matt Beunen

Rongem Boyo

by Turnip

Helena Aguilar i Mayans

Lina Scheynius

Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello

Veronica Ebert


Ombeline said...

A Voix de Femmes on chante "La mort d'Ophélie" de Berlioz. C'est très beau et fanstasmagorique...

sierralemon said...

Superbe !

Tami said...

Magnifique ! Il y a aussi ce superbe morceau de Nick Cave et Kylie Minogue :

Katrine Ny said...


Camille said...

I love your mess... And I love OPhelia too.
here for you

Veja cecilia said...

beautiful and inspiring post, thank you!

Lisa said...

I've always felt a bond with Ophelia...maybe it's our love for flowers.

Thanks for these pictures!

Mischat said...

c'est curieux, moi aussi ce thème m'a toujours beaucoup interpelée...dans des tableaux divers que j'ai vu au gré des musées !!!
mais en photo, le thème me paraît plus glauque et plus préocupant...
je ne voudrais pas que cela t'obsède, ma Bouezette.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are quite creepy but at the same time really beautiful and touching.

Pauline said...

C'est un peu sombre, tout ça, mais très très beau !!

cleolikesyou said...

so lovely,
it's really inspiring.

Anonymous said...

C'est particulièrement interessant ta vision "animale" du thème... Souhaites tu la photo de quand on a trouvé Nini dans la piscine ???

Tu sais qui ;-)

daydream lily said...

I too am obsessed with Ophelia!! I used to have a massive poster of it (like your second picture) in my bedroom.

PS. lovely blog.

Old Fashioned Girl said...

Cette serie de photos est sublime !

Jonas said...

Truly a fantastic series! I came across this when I was searching for a picture of Millais's Ophelia. Here is another one for your collection, from Tom Hunter's "Life and Death in Hackney" series:

Until May 24 2009 you can see this at the P.R.B. exhibition at Nationalmuseum.